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Dear Customer,

To meet the requirements of our business partners, we would like to present you our new product – body bag made of raw materials in accordance with the principles of eco-development. The use of fully compostable raw material such as potato starch allowed us to create a product which has a minimal impact on the environment. Our bags in process of biodegradation and composting do not release any pollutants into the soil.

We carefully select solutions and materials used in production process to ensure our customers excellent quality. We are doing our best to fit into the current eco-trend. Bags made by FUNELLO are the next step to the plastic-free world.

Aesthetics and durability

Corpse bags are the basic equipment of funeral homes and companies that transport corpses. It is worth taking care of their quality. Our company offers bags made of durable materials and prepared with exceptional care.  


A durable bag made of high-quality black polyethylene foil.


A durable bag made of high-quality white polyethylene foil.

About us

We are a dynamically developing family company with traditions. We are constantly expanding the range of our products. In the offer tab, you will find currently available products and production announcements. 

In addition to production activities, we offer deliveries directly to customers. All our cars are equipped with delivery lifts, so we can conveniently serve individual customers.

Highest quality

Our production is based on proven materials of the highest quality. We export our products to Western markets, and only by maintaining the highest production standards we can meet the high requirements of our customers.